New Client entry

3-Step Client information

  • Provide your business information and work hours.
  • Select type of roofing leads: Residental or Commercial
  • Choose any zip code, neighborhood or a list of addresses

2-Step Starting process

  • Invoice will be sent via-email
  • Once Invoice is confirmed will create your campaigns

3-Step Procedure

  • Lead reports are sent via email
  • Lead reports include appointment information with all the pre-qualified questions and the time of the inspection
  • Perform the inspection and report any credit request within a two business day window

Initiate your campaigns with 10 pre-qualified roof inspection appointments for 67 dollars each a total of $670.00

– We deliver the leads!

You deliver the service!

– Will let the property owner rate the Quality of work.

Our weather map provider Alerts us with current storm reports and provides a history of storm maps that we use to pre-screen areas.

Our phone records come with basic data, once your campaigns are activated the extraction process separates data from the campaign graph stats, avoiding to call repeated numbers we center in locations until it’s time to move to another area.

Production volume varies within your targeted area.

We promote your company name solicit your business and offer free inspections with a selective date/time.

(Your campaign your caller ID) The first thing the property owner will look at will be your Business name.

We use your business information to rebuttle.

We cold call all areas within the damaged location, regardless of the property value.

Please contact us for further information regarding commercial campaigns