Lead generation


All-Star Storm Leads, our mission statement remains: We rise by lifting others!

Our telemarketing solutions give you the chance to expand your business and set up campaigns in any area.

We offer our lead-generating services to those in the construction industry and provide appointments with pre-selected criteria set up to generate qualified leads each and after every storm in all areas nationwide.

Each lead is agreed to meet the following criteria: Residental leads

Unless otherwise agreed in writing.

a) Located in the agreed target area.

b) A Homeowner is present for the agreed time of inspection.

c) Single Family Home – Not a duplex or townhome.

d) Property is Insured.

e) Property is not Under Contract with Another Contractor.

f) Property has not been Denied Coverage from the agreed storm date.

g) Homeowner allows for Inspection at the agreed time.

h) Property has an agreed roof material type; by default,, all Asphalt Roofs are deemed acceptable.

i) Roof is over 5 years of age unless otherwise agreed in writing.

j) Record will not be sold to any other contractor at any period of time; all records will be stored documented.

Credit request

a) Record any un-qualified appointment within 2-business days.